Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Circlelord Gems

Call Toll Free  866 510 6060
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Gems  comes in 15 for both Midarm and Longarm machines.

Queen +1/2  100"     Reg. US$ 299.00
King             120"                  $ 329.00

Gems was inspired by Sheri Butler
Quilt by Sheri
Well, here's the modern quilt, that inspired the GEMS board. Love it! TY Michael & Kay!!!
Cloudy day when I took the pics of it draped over my sofa, not bound yet.
So it's really purple, NOT blue. The close-up 3rd pic is more true to color.
Quilted with Glide color LAVA.
Warm and Natural batting.
Going to bind it in the yellow/orange color to make it POP!

Quilt by Vickie

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